Diane Kalei

Behaviour Support Practitioner

Diane is a highly motivated Behaviour Support Practitioner with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with full registration as a Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Association member. Additionally, she has completed the longitudinal practicum training of ‘Assessment and Analysis of Severe and Challenging Behaviours’ with the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis. She has a well-known background in psychotherapy, behavioural intervention, disability, case management, community support and cultural diversity and awareness. She is a NDIS registered proficient Behaviour Support Practitioner and Psychotherapist. She has experience in behavioural intervention within the disability field and has gained excellent knowledge to identify client’s needs, developing evidence-based behaviour support plans, functional assessments and individual planning in line with the NDIS framework for behaviour support. She is interested in continuing her work to help person (s) with disabilities to reduce challenging behaviours and to improve their quality of life.

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