Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists believe in unlocking their clients potential and empowering them to lead a fulfilling life. Occupational Therapists are dedicated to helping their clients reach their full potential, enhance their independence, and improve their quality of life. Let us be your partner on this empowering journey! If you're curious about how our services can support you, here's what an Occupational Therapist can provide at Crystel Care:

  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Ongoing therapy support at home, school, work or your preferred location
  • Sensory Assessments and Recommendations
  • Adaptive and assistive technology assessments
  • Equipment trials
  • Parent and caregivers education and training
  • Cognitive assessments

How does it work?

After the Service Agreement and Consent Forms have been signed, an Occupational Therapist will be assigned to you. They will reach out to you or your representative to coordinate a convenient time for an initial meeting. During this meeting, the Occupational Therapist will take the time to get to know you better and conduct an initial assessment. The information gathered from this assessment will be crucial in determining the specific supports and interventions you require. Rest assured, our team is committed to providing personalised care that meets your unique needs.


What does it look like?

Occupational Therapists work with their cllients by taking a therapeutic approach to everyday activities. Broadly, this means that Occupational Therapists are responsible for helping clients develop, recover, improve a condition or injury, as well as maintain the skills needed to execute daily activities. In general, Occupational Therapists are responsible for a wide range of duties and tasks related to client care. Depending on the setting in which they work, the roles of an Occupational Therapist often include:

  • Evaluating a patient’s condition and needs
  • Developing treatment plans to address a patient’s needs and help them meet specific goals
  • Assessing a patient’s home and/or work environment and recommending adaptations to fit the patient’s needs and improve independence
  • Training patients and their caregivers to use special equipment
  • Assessing and documenting progress for evaluation, billing, and reporting purposes
Understanding Your Unique Abilities
Setting Goals Tailored to You
Building Skills for Everyday Life
Unlocking the Power of Assistive Technology
Creating a Supportive Environment
Empowering you through Education
Collaboration for Holistic Care
Ongoing Support and Progress
Session Process 1: Introduction

After the Service Agreement and Consent Forms have been signed, an Occupational Therapist will be assigned and will contact the client or the clients representative to coordinate a time to get to know the client and complete an Initial Assessment.

Session Process 2: Understanding Your Unique Abilities

Our Occupational Therapists will conduct assessments to get a clear picture of your strengths, limitations, and goals. Our evaluations will help us understand your physical, cognitive, sensory, and emotional abilities.

Session Process 3: Setting Goals Tailored to You

Together, we'll set meaningful goals and develop a personalised plan which will identify strategies and interventions to overcome challenges and achieve your aspirations.

Session Process 4: Building Skills for Everyday Life

Our interventions and therapies are designed to enhance your skills for daily activities. We'll work on improving fine motor skills, coordination, sensory processing, and cognitive abilities. From self-care to social interactions, we'll support you in developing vital skills.

Session Process 5: Unlocking the Power of Assistive Technology

If you need Assistive Devices or Adaptive Equipment, our highly trained Occupational Therapists will assess and recommend the right solutions. We'll guide you in obtaining and effectively using Assistive Technology for greater independence.

Session Process 6: Creating a Supportive Environment

We'll identify and address any barriers in your environment that hinder your participation. Our team will suggest modifications and adaptations to make your home or workplace more accessible and safe.

Session Process 7: Empowering you through Education

We're here to educate you, your family, and support networks about disabilities and effective interventions. You'll receive valuable training on stress management, coping strategies, and skill-building. We'll help you develop self-advocacy skills, so you can actively participate in decision making processes.

Session Process 8: Collaboration for Holistic Care

Our OT’s work closely with healthcare professionals, service providers, and support workers. We'll ensure seamless communication and coordination among the team to provide holistic care. Your needs, rights, and access to services will always be at the forefront of our advocacy.

Session Process 9: Ongoing Support and Progress

Our Occupational Therapists will monitor your progress, regularly evaluating the effectiveness of our interventions. As your needs evolve, we'll adjust our strategies to ensure sustained progress. Count on us for ongoing support, guidance, and a personalised approach to your wellbeing.

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